04/03/18 Two become one

B850498 Shed 2

The big news this week,  with thanks to the locomotive department, B850498 is no longer a van body resting on a chassis it is one single 12T Boxvan.  The body and chassis were welded together in the week and unfortunately due to the weather has remained in the Loco shed awaiting return to Quorn.

With the van away we spent time cutting some felt pads for the imitation shock gear.  These are essential because the brackets are made from aluminium and the van has a steel solebar.  These materials although quite close on the galvanic scale are far enough apart to take steps to reduce corrosion.

We also took a trip to Loughborough to prepare the van sole bar for the permanent attachment of the imitation shock gear.  Both sides were scraped, rubbed down and painted in bitumen again as a measure to reduce corrosion.  We have not done the whole underframe as we usually spray the bodies first and there is a possibility of overspray.



Finally, for the theatrical van, we wrapped some more parcels as well as refreshing the wrappings over the newspapers.  This meant that for the first time since preservation our Newspaper Packing van (GUV) was used for packing newspapers.

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