01/04/18 Top coat on

With luck and constantly viewing BBC and Met Office weather apps we were successful in our wish to get top coat on B850498

Friday began with removing the old bolts from the chalkboard locations.  With them removed we ensured the chalkboards we made some time ago fitted.  The boards were then left off in preparation for the top coat.

This is when the weather watching started.  Friday we took a risk and applied the first coat.  As soon as the spray gun was lowered the heavens opened.

It wasn’t until Sunday that we returned and as expected the paint suffered from some pock marking.  This was duly sanded and again the weather apps came out.  With cloudy skies and no rain forecast, Ross started.

Nick and I followed Ross with brushes and touched in the areas inaccessible by the spray gun both the body and underframe received top coats and by the end of the day the whole vehicle was sufficiently dry to add the handbrake handle and through pipe white details.

With one more day to go on this Easter Bank holiday and a washout forecast, we are however again watching the weather apps with fingers crossed that I can start the sign writing.


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