02/04/18 Final Touches and Signwriting

No MoreThe finishing line for B850498 is now in sight.
Monday started with the forecasted rain so the final finishing touches were undertaken,  this was the fitting of chalkboards and vacuum hoses.


With eyes to the sky, we set up a painting shack to keep the rain off me whilst I began signwriting the sole bar details.  This, however, turned out not to be required as blue sky and sunshine appeared.

Paint shack

I did say in my signwriting preparation post I would detail the technique I used to transfer the template design to the vehicle.

First chalk is applied to the back of the template,  which is then positioned on the vehicle in the required position and drawn over.


This leaves a chalk version of the design on the vehicle which can then be used as a guide to paint too.


The final item, in this case, a re – wheeled plate detailing our work on this vehicle, once the paint has dried the chalk will be wiped off.


Other sole bar details included the wagon plate, which we are signwriting at this time as detailed in a previous post and a note regards the hand brakes, this is because the tank wagon chassis has no crossbar which allows the brake blocks on both sides of the vehicle to be applied from either side this is an unusual arrangement for a BR vehicle so the note highlights this oddity.


So fingers are now crossed for a dry week, so the body lettering, shock stripes and Common user plates can be applied next weekend.

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