08/04/18 B850498 Job Done

Another wet weekend but this has not deterred us.  In all honesty, I started lettering Thursday to take advantage of the good mid-week weather.  Friday saw the west side completed with the east side compete on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday morning was dedicated to the shock stripes.  Measuring 4″ wide and 45″ in height from the bottom of the van body.  These were measured, masked and duly painted.

As seen above whilst I was adding the painted details Nick spent the day scraping hovering and painting the unseen areas of the chassis under the vehicle.  The last thing carried out Saturday was to add the Non-Common User plates painted over Christmas.

NCU plate

Sunday was quite a poor day weather wise but did allow us to paint the roof.

There are however a few remedial actions to be carried out on the roof because of the rain but this will be done in the coming week.  Thus we see the end to our Winter project 2018.  From Grounded Body in December 2017 to Diagram 1/207 Shockvan in April 2018.

We are not finished however as we now move over to Diagram 801 Number E87674 our insulated fish van.


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