22/04/18 Mr. Blue Sky appears again!

This weekend we have continued working on the Fish Van. We are also a man down this weekend, as Matt has become a member of the Royal Flying Corps for a photo charter. This hasn’t impeded progress, however, there are fewer photos. The below picture shows how we left the vehicle at the end of last weekend.

Saturday started off with us sanding the south two panels in the picture above, along with the south end. Following this, the undercoat was cracked out to get the van finished off in undercoat. I cleaned the gun out and started thinning the gloss down in order to start spraying the East side and North end, whilst the new undercoat was drying.


As with last weekend, this also included the headstocks. This is just after the headstock had been painted into gloss. The details such as the drawhook, vacuum swan neck and buffer heads were painted later one once the Ice Blue paint had hardened off.

As the paint is only for the fish van, we tried to put as many coats of paint to use the paint up. By the end of Saturday, the Eastside had 2 coats of gloss and both ends and headstocks had been painted. To finish the day we scraped the underframe on the West side as it is accessible. Before we started painting on Sunday morning, we blew down the debris following scraping the underframe, then painted the 2nd coat of gloss on the Westside.  We shuffled the vans down so we could get to the East Side to scrape and paint it.

Once the underframe was painted the bufferheads and swan necks got painted, along with the lamp brackets and handbrake lever ends.

As the wheelsets are close to the end of the van, we painted up the brake cross shafts in black and refitted the couplings.

Next steps for this vehicle are the signwriting, unfortunately, no blue spot as the vehicle doesn’t have roller bearing wheelset. This will then be ready for traffic.


Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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