25/04/18 Insul-Fish complete

Having returned from 1918 I have had to catch up this week,  the advantage of being on earlies.  So out with my templates and brushes, the signwriting has been applied as well as the chalkboard paint to E87674.

East Side

The black oval under the tare I have noticed during my research on a number of vehicles. We believe this denoted an alteration of the tare weight possible due to changing of wheel bearing type although we are speculating we do quite like this unusual livery detail so decided to add it.

Speaking of livery details I shall mention the little symbol under the tare,  this is an LMS practice that was adopted by BR.  There was a repeating sequence of 12 Symbols which represent the year the vehicle was painted, with thanks to Brian Hallett of RVP for the full details, we have continued the sequence with 2017 represented by a right-handed right angle triangle, 2018 is a filled in London Transport roundel.

Paint symbols

So on to the next project…………………

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