07/05/18 A Shock all over again

Our attention this Bank Holiday weekend has been turned to B854782, a 1958 Darlington built Diagram 1/218 Lot 3117 Shocvan.

This vehicle is a clear example of what happens if the roof of a vehicle is not maintained.  Water seeps in between the outer and inner skins of the vehicle and the damage is lasting.

This vehicle will soon be making its way to the Locomotive works for some much-needed welding to repair the steel ends of the vehicle.  It is in use as the crane packing van and as such full of packing wood which required to be emptied, this was carried out so we could begin the task of removing the nuts and bolts to release the plywood inner and outer sheets.Packing

With the vehicle being 60 years old these did not want to undo so out came the grinders. Each one was cut down its length and the remaining nut pieces chiselled off.


The vehicle was stripped of all its wood and the extent of the water damage clearly visable.



Bare shell

What we have started referring to as the tax disk holder was also removed.  This details the experimental shock gear fitted to this vehicle new disks will be printed and the artwork has been created and will be ready for when reassembly begins.


The exposed steelwork was rubbed down and the sound items red oxided.  The lower steel down each side was straightened and areas of loose rust removed.


Because the floor had been covered with wood it has remained in extremely good condition with only one plank requiring replacement.


The final day of the bank holiday was dedicated to the stripping and red oxiding of the external metal fittings recovered from the removed woodwork.


All that was left to do was lock up the vehicle as security is our number one priority.

Security First

We mentioned last week about another project but unfortunately, we are still unable to elaborate further.

Finally, an image from Jason Cross, taken during the Photocharter held on 03/05/18 and featuring the van train


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