03/06/18 All in the details

The GCR was plunged into war this weekend,  which included a bombing that resulted in one of our Grampus wagons being hit by an incendiary, thankfully the Auxillary Fire Service reacted quickly and saved the wagon on two separate occasions.

Our attention remained on B954268 and applying the details.  Nick and Jake began with fitting the new temporary floor to the South end veranda,  I say Temporary as we are looking at a modification that will eliminate water traps and prolong the life of the floor.

South Veranda

Before final fitment, the floor was treated with creosote.

I took on my speciality of applying the signwriting as previously mentioned post-1964 livery. Data panel has the depot codes of 5683 Tinsley yard wagon repair siding, our adopted code and 5480 Newark,  the location the van was purchased from.34392705_10160374064605103_6923885446095175680_n

Nick and Jake moved on to the task of painting the handrails and began preparing the underframe for paint.

On to next weekend which will see the underframe and the inside receive attention.

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