10/06/18 Sole Bar, Internals and Brake adjust

This weekend, work continues on B954268. Following last week where Nick, Matt and Jake completed the rest of external work, which only left the underframe to be painted. A few areas were left to be scraped and then blown down, ready for the application of the paint.

Matt sanded down and hoovered the interior of the van to give it a key before he started glossing the top half with cream colour. Whilst Matt was painting the interior of the van cream, the underframe and step boards of the west side were painted in black bituminous paint. Nick followed along, picking out any areas that couldn’t be reached with the spray gun. The headstocks were then painted using brushes, as using the spray gun would result in overspray on the soft, bauxite gloss. The interior surfaces of the windows were masked off whilst Matt was painting the large panels.


The van was pushed out of the dock so that the East side underframe and step boards could be cleaned, blown down and painted. Once the black paint was away, the roller bearing end caps were picked out in yellow.


When the van was painted into gloss, the verandahs were spray painted internally. Whilst we had made every effort to mask where we could, the only place that wasn’t, and thus caught the overspray was the ceiling. Saturday Matt repainted this surface white.


Report continued by Matt

Sunday continued with me (Matt) initially signwriting, this was in the form of the “D” Plates Vacuum release chord stars and the Running number within the van.


Nick added a further coat of paint to the axle end covers and a red coat to the Vacuum pipe swan necks.  The OLE warning panels he also added to the East side.  Myself and Nick also took a look at the Brake rigging. We made a few adjustments and Nick lubricated it all.


I continued with the internal repaint masking off for the bauxite areas to be raised up to window level,  the actual BR specification called for the lower bauxite area to be 3ft 6in high this, however, would result in the demarcation line being 1/4 the way up the window level and it was common practice for the demarcation to be lowered to window level which in my opinion looks a lot smarter, as can be seen below.
I also popped in Monday after work to apply Black to the Brake standard and Stove surrounds.


Last item, My signwriting box has had an appropriate paint and signwriting applied just so I don’t forget who I am and what I do.


Still a few finishing touches to apply including the Stove surround in black gloss.



Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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