24/06/18 Mind your head on the door!!

One brake van in but two out, B954268 has returned to traffic and pressed straight into service by bringing the Van train from Swithland to Quorn and doesn’t it make the yard look like a working yard.


B954546 has left longterm storage at Quorn and has become a Volunteer project for those that volunteer within Carriage and Wagon at Rothley, this is a positive step forward for this vehicles return to traffic.

On to the one that came in and this is M730562, a new catchphrase from Nick accompanies this vehicle,  No longer are we to mind the lamp brackets, its the low door frame that will catch you out on this one. First task was the replacement of the step boards as these are required to access the vehicle. Nick, Ross and Jake began by removing all of the life-expired boards.

With the boards off the exposed metal work was red oxided.

Whilst this work was being carried out I began with the interior. The east side of the van (Although the west side until very recent) has been beaten by the weather and the interior had been adversely affected. Paint had begun peeling so out came the heat gun and the arduous task of stripping the side. Ross assisted with the task once the step-boards had been complete.

Nick and Jake also came into clean up the inside of the duckets that had also experienced a little weather beating. Once tidy red oxide was applied.

Once the East side wall was stripped the rest of the van internal was sanded to give a key for painting.  As we progressed around the van faults were repaired by Ross,  Loose veranda wall cladding,  loose locker door fixing, raised screw heads and loose door frame all rectified.  With the wall down to its initial LMS Crimson the 3′ 6″ demarcation line applied by BR can just be made out confirming the references we use.

With the Red oxide applied now dry new step boards were fitted, all but the West side middle board which requires new timber purchasing.  Measurements were also taken as we will be ordering a number of timbers to replace a few on the van sides.

Finally, we can announce the secret task that we have mentioned in two previous updates:
Update mention 1
Update mention 2

For the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice and the end of the War to end all Wars, the GCR will be remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice over the 10th and 11th November.  One of the items taking part is a full size replica of a WWI tank.  This is owned by Jack Shaw, GCR volunteer and friend of Quorn Wagon and Wagon.  We have been assisted over the last few weeks to rebuild the tank on site.  Including a little signwriting applied by me.


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  1. Have noticed, for some months now, how all the goods wagons are gradually being done up. It has to be said that all your hard work is very much worth it. You are making the railway look so good the difference it makes is out of all proportion to the work that you’ve all done. A magnificent effort GCR must be very proud of you all. regards Harry n Eddie GCR enthusiasts!

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    1. Very many thanks for your kind words.
      It is one of the many reasons we carryout the work we do.


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