01/07/18 Don’t touch, If its White, Cream or Bauxite its wet.

This update includes work carried out during the week as I popped in after my Early shift to carry out some tasks on M730562.  Monday I applied a coat of primer to the bare woodwork on the East side and red oxide to areas of bare metal.


Wednesday I was back to apply a coat of white to the ceiling


On to the weekend and the next colour to apply was the deep cream, as per B954268 we are applying the British Transport Commision scheme for brake vans of white, cream and bauxite.


With the ongoing heatwave the cream was ready for masking Sunday, the first coat of 3ft 6in high bauxite was applied as well as the vacuum gauge which had been removed for painting.  A second coat of bauxite will be required but we shall give it a week for the first to harden off.


The final task this weekend was the application of Gloss white and detailing of the Handbrake wheel.


Nick and Jake carried out a number of tasks and drew up plans for the purchase and replacement of parts of the exterior cladding.
Ross was away with his work at the IMechE Railway Challenge 2018.
His team of first-year graduates from SNC-Lavalin came 2nd out of 10. The competition was to design and build a locomotive to compete in a few dynamic tests and challenges. Dynamic challenges included Traction, regenerative braking and energy storage.



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