19/08/18 The battle is almost over

LMS Brakevan M730562 has been putting up a fight since we started almost 2 months ago. The light, however, is at the end of the tunnel, it is also now entering the van.  The replacement Glass effect perspex arrived Monday and I took advantage of a week of earlies. Tuesday and Thursday I removed, cleaned the frames, fitted and sealed the glazing for the veranda ends.

On to the weekend and Nick continued the painting of the underframe.  Including the Westside steps and Eastside solebar.20180818_103213.jpg

The main task undertaken was the replacement of the Ducket glazing.  The frames were removed,  we originally thought this would be tricker on the westside as these were riveted, but thanks to once being employed by the RAF with a tour on an aircraft structural repair unit it didn’t take me long to whip out the 32 rivets.

Once removed the window mastic previously used was removed from the frames and Ducket, the bare metal areas were then red oxided before new mastic and the glazing was fitted to each frame.  These were then fitted to the Duckets and the mastic trimmed and shaped to the fill the gaps.  Finally, the Bauxite and Cream top coats were reapplied.

Top coats were also added to the Handbrake standard, Vacuum hose swan necks, steel stove surrounds and Vacuum brake valve.  The Vacuum gauge was polished and a 1940s style coat hanger was also fitted.

I also took a moment to apply the correct running number to the LMS box van and popped into Rothley to Carriage & Wagon to see how B954546 was progressing.



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