30/09/18. St Rollox to it

This week has seen me popping in after my early shifts to make a solid push on the interior of S56010.  Starting from the top and working down Monday saw the application of White Gloss to the Ceiling.  2 Coats of Cream Tuesday & Wednesday.  Masking and Undercoat Thursday and Friday a Coat of Bauxite.

A few further items remain, notably the duckets which require some surface preparation and the stove surround.

Not only have I spent time on the Southern Brake van but the Caledonian Weltrol has seen its restoration progress. Taking advantage of the weather I applied Black Gloss to the Buffers, Draw hook, shackles, Load plates and Handbrake,  all in preparation for signwriting.

Friday saw the arrival of WGF 8127, our tank flat which this weekend received its special load for Great War Great Central.20180928_173727
On to the weekend and Nick, Ross and Jake rubbed down and prepared S56010 for exterior paint.  All woodwork then received a coat of wood primer.

I, unfortunately, had to work but when I had finished I arrived to apply Signwriting to the Weltrols Eastside.  Final push for Saturday was placing the WWI tank on to the Tank flat,  assistance was sought from Quorn station volunteers.  Jack had spent the day stripping the tank but it still had a sizable weight.  With plenty of hands, the tank was positioned without to many problems.

Sunday and we started the day preparing the Bogies and top decks of the Weltrol for bitumen. This was to allow the wood primer on the brakevan to dry a little more as it was still a little tacky from overnight.

Once rubbed down Nick, Ross and Jake moved back to the Southern Brake and applied a layer of undercoat,  the opportunity was taken to teach Jake a new skill, that being the use of the spray gun.

I continued with the weltrol and began painting the prepared areas,  I was soon joined by the rest of the gang who continued the painting whilst I then completed the signwriting on the west side and headstocks.

The final task will be to paint the tires white which is typical of pre-grouping vehicles, apart from that the Weltrol is complete.  As the sunsetted on the yard our final weekend task was to remove the wheels from Jacks tank, do it sits more prototypically on the Tank flat and reduces the likelihood of it rolling off the flat.  This was a little tricky as we had to jack up the tank remove its wheel and lower, whilst laid under it in a gap no more than 2 feet high.  It took a little longer than expected with it being 20:30 before we left.

This will require securing and this will be a task for the upcoming week.
Steam Gala next weekend so come and see the box vans in operation.

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