14/10/18. Down came the rain and washed the wagons out.

Once again a week of earlies and opportunity to carry out work in the week.

Most of my attention has been on the Tankflat, Tuesday Wednesday and a number of topcoats applied to the sides. As a Military wagon this is a Satin coat instead of the usual gloss.  Thursday the headstocks were scraped down and cleaned off as well as the brake reservoir tanks.


As well as the Tankflat I also did a few jobs on the Southern Brake, tidying up the demarcation line on the inside. Painting the inside of the duckets, manufacturing some filler pieces for the floor under each door, undercoating a number of areas the spray gun could not reach and a touch of signwriting

On to Saturday and the full crew in attendance.  Despite the forcast, we were blessed with blue skies and warm temperatures so the opportunity was taken to Gloss S56010.

Once complete again attention turned to the Tank flat, undercoating the headstocks and scraping down and applying bitumen to the east side of both bogies.

Sunday and down came the rain, unfortunately, this put a hold to the plans to continue painting. We were able to fit the filler pieces, painted over the previous days, and finished off the final detailing of the interior. Handbrake wheel painted, track circuit operating clips and the short-circuiting bar fitted.

It was also possible to apply undercoat to the ceiling and add white details to the doors.

Because of the rain, we spent most of the time carrying out a spot of tidying of our workshop accommodation. Finders are crossed for better weather next week.

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  1. Superb progress being made, yet again. Harry and I were in awe of the rake of goods carriages at the recent steam gala. You continue to put the Great back into the GCR well done lads!


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