21/10/18. Evolution of an S

Just myself and Nick on Saturday for me a full day of signwriting and for Nick a full day of scraping. Nick prepared the underframe of S56010 for painting, sole bar, headstocks and running gear.  My first task also centred around S56010 applying the running number, wheelbase and tare.20181020_120910

I then moved over to the Tankflat. Although it is a 1942 built vehicle for the purposes of the Remembrance event it is receiving the livery of a first world war flat.  Visually there is little difference between a 1st or 2nd World war built vehicle.  Those built in the 40s are able to carry a load of 50T the earlier ones being 40T.  This is distinguishable by the riveted L angles along the entire length of the main frame, top and bottom.

The marking ETAT was added to vehicles that went to France and translates as State,  referring to the National State Railway,  this means the vehicle is maintained and operated as part of the French railway system.  When crossed out the maintenance and operation returns to the War Department and the Railway Operating Division.

Once complete with the Brakevan Nick came over and prepared the West side bogies for Paint.

On to Sunday and we were joined by Jake. When I left Saturday I wasn’t solely happy with the letter S I had applied to the Brakevan.  It was weighted more than the rest of the number and really looked out of place.  This is an advantage of signwriting, I narrowed the whole letter and finished it to match the number it accompanies.

Nick and Jake continued with the underframe applying the bitumen based paint to the areas prepared the previous day.  They also replaced 3 of the 4 top steps that were life expired.

I continued with the tank flat applying top coat to the headstocks and applying paint to the details, Draw hook, Lamp irons, Vacuum pipe and jack screw threads.

I also sign wrote what would normally be a plate to indicate what direction to turn the handbrake wheel.

The final task once the underframe paint on the brakevan had dried was to fit the wagon plates and pick out the lettering on the repair plate.

Another week of earlies for me so anything can happen.

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