18/11/18. Home Comforts

Having spent a week looking at images of SR Pillbox brakes my thought was S56010‘s stovepipe is too tall.  Although within the loading gauge we made the decision to lower it.

Once lowered I applied heatproof sealant between the Outer Stovepipe and cast roof fitting and the inner and outer stovepipes, both externally and internally.

Once this had cured we moved to a preservation first.  Since its arrival in 2005, the brake van has never had a stove. Having now fitted one we lit the first fire in at least 13 years.

In the week I had purchased galvanized buckets, dustpan and “fire irons” for the van when I dropped these off I also added the earthing cable for the stovepipe.

In the now warmed van, Ross and I fitted the ducket head cushions for the Guard.

To finish off Saturdays tasks the original stove pipe sign which was saved when the interior was dismantled was refitted in its original position.20181117_171551

On to Sunday and the main task was the final fitment of all the upholstery.  Ross and I completed the east side cushions and I fitted the Guards cushions that fits above the main backrests and finally, all of the staples were painted black.

The main cushions were also screwed into position from outside the duckets and the screw heads then painted by Jake.

Whilst I had the black paint out I also added a BR(S) to the short circuit bar.20181118_142402

The whole teams’ attention then turned to the fitting of insulation to the North end door.  During our test fire of the stove, we found if the door was left opened it started smoking.  So we added insulating material, steel covers and Jake primed them.

One more morning of work left and then we need a new wagon to work on.  Next week you’ll find out which.

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