25/11/2018 – Don’t get hooked up on that!

This weekend has seen work on the Southern brake van (S56010) very close to completion. Next week should see the van ready to leave the yard.  On Saturday, I began the day by making running repairs to a new acquisition of Nick’s.

Whilst I was doing this Matt painted the handbrake standard, stove surround, earth strap and vacuum setter handle in black gloss. This concludes the work for the interior of this van. Matt then went on to manufacturer a chimney cowl for the stove pipe.  See if you can work out what it is made from! It is small enough to not be noticeable, but should be large enough to keep the rain entering the stove and causing damage.

Now finished replacing brake pads, I assisted Matt with fitted the cowl to the chimney. The stove pipe was drilled and tapped in 3 locations to accept M10 bolts, which also will help to prevent the inner flue tube from wobbling inside the outer sleeve. Matt then painted the stove pipe, and the 2 torpedo vents in black bitumen paint.

Whilst these were going on, Jake had painted the East side step irons in black bitumen once the old step board had been removed. Jake then primed the new step board once a chamfer had been planned on to the edge. Matt got his signwriing paint out and picked out the lettering on the handbrake standard.

The day finished with Nick and I cutting out some filling pieces for some external pockets and priming them. Matt has also sign written our sign. 

Sunday rolls around, and Matt is off playing with a Phantom. 

Nick, Jake and I fitted the east side stepboard, with was still slightly tacky. Once fitted we found some of the step irons were not vertical.  We used a 5 ton ratchet strap and various landscape features to pull the irons back to vertical. Once we’d done this, we drilled the board and bolted it into position.

We then let Jake loose with the bitumen paint again to paint the stepboard. Jake left Nick and I at 1400 to entertain visiting family. Nick and I journeyed to Swithland to retrieve components stored in the van train to begin our next project! Read next week to find out what this exciting new project is!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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