09/12/18. Feeling hot hot hot.

Saturday begins, and work continues on the new arrival; Palbrick B462709. I didn’t manage to take any pictures, as Nick, Jake and I have been quite busy continuing to get the wagon fit to move. Matt was attending the Quorn Station Christmas Doo

It had been brought to our attention that the vehicle was prone to derailment. As with all vehicles we work upon a thorough inspection is carried out.  We have attributed the vehicles poor running to a number of factors:

1. The brakes had been seized in close proximity to the wheels restricting rotation under certain circumstances 

2. The majority of the track at Litchchurch Lane is buried so the wagon, being light, is likely to ride on top of any obstruction of the flangeways

3. At one end, the W-irons are not vertical and are forcing the wheelset in one direction.  Sat on straight track the wheelset is not sitting centrally and is hard up against the flange of one side with both irons pushing against the axle boxes

All of these factors add to the likelihood of a derailment. As a matter of cause, we have lifted the wagon to be sure that the axle boxes slide up and down in the horn guides, which they do freely but we will address the W Iron issue.

Today also saw the Eastside handbrake fitted. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have read that last week we fitted the east side handbrake. The vehicle was turned in the week during work for the testing contract in Quorn South yard. The fitting of the handbrake was quite involved as we had to use the ‘hot spanner’ to adjust the handbrake rack so that the holes for the handbrake pin would line up. We also had to align the holes to mount it to the wagon, activity that continued long into the darkness.20181208_172015

On to Sunday and it is Matt that continues this report. 

Returning Sunday and straight into straightening out the W Irons.  Using the “heavy hammer” AKA a Volvo L70.  Pressure was first applied to the North West iron. The pressure remained and the top of the iron heated allowing it to relax into the more favorable position. This was repeated on the North East corner although the iron was pulled with heavy duty chain and again heated and allowed to relax.

The result is a full set of straight W Irons one in each corner.  Again the wagon was lifted and the axle boxes proved to move freely.

Next job and the removal of the seized brake block carriers.  Despite successful removal they were in a poor condition and are not fit to be refitted.

This once again leaves the vehicle without brakes so it has been coupled to a Grampus and next week once spares have been recovered it will be reassembled.

The brake pin racks were also fitted with pins.20181209_161804

I also did my time team bit and revealed the original running number.20181209_123213

S56010 is also absolutely complete and once the point is back in can be released to traffic.  The last job completed was the fitting of filler pieces in each corner of the bodywork which was sealed and painted.20181209_162432

I shall also add some images of the fully refurbished interior and those that remember it originally will notice the changes.  Unfortunately, we didn’t take any images before refurbishment but it was extremely work worn.

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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