23/12/2018 – Wonderful weather… for shark spanners!

Welcome to another update from us lot at Quorn. This weekend has seen routine maintenance take place to the running fleet.

We keep records of the work carried out to our vehicles, and perusing these records showed us that the all vehicles are due a routine pad exam. Whilst undertaking the pad exam we also take the opportunity to oil up any pivot points in the brake rigging, so that whatever brakes are fitted remain operational. On both Saturday and Sunday, we worked on the vehicles stored in Swithland Sidings.

On Saturday, we performed pad exams on the van train. This also included the LMS brake van which is currently running on the south end of the rake.


After we’d done the pad exams, we rattled down the van train oiling the brake rigging and oiling any screw couplings. This also included the B954268, which was stabled next to the van train on the south end of the mineral rake.


Sunday saw some of the currently disbanded Mixed Freight, and a Rudd, get the same treatment as the van train. We also corrected a failed attempt to fit the Bogie Bolster D with a new vacuum hose, on its south end. This had been secured to the wagon with Gaffer tape, instead of using a hose clamp suitable for the diameter of the hose. Had this been brought to our attention and the consumable parts supplied, we would have happily fitted the hose. Hopefully, the rectification of this should see the vehicle back in the mixed freight. Matt also fitted a sign to the interior of B954268 which is the final detail in this brake van.


We began oiling once these small jobs were complete. Today, we have oiled the tank wagons  (3436, 6581 and 998926), some of the open wagons (E281882, E301588, B385782, B425356, B550356, B721587, B724570, B732357 & B740654) and some of the Departmental fleet (DB972018 and DB928135). Not all of these vehicles have plain bearings, which means some of these had their rigging oiled only.

Tomorrow, see us back at Swithland completing the open fleet, and starting pad exams at Quorn! Thanks for reading!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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