30/12/18, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Seasons greetings and our last post for 2018 and despite the festive season, Winter Maintenance continues:
Axle Boxes, Pad Exams, Brake rigging inspections, and oiling, all vehicles in traffic have been attended to apart from those on the Mountsorrel Branch, as these were carried out by C&W Staff from Rothley earlier in the year. There are also 2 vehicles in the Dock at Swithland requiring Pad exams as the East side is currently inaccessible.
Maintenance took us until Wednesday spread between Swithland Sidings and Quorn.

Thursday attention turned back to the newly arrived Palbrick, The frames and the toolbox, which it arrived with, were sprayed with a Baking Soda mix to try and neutralize the rock salt that had been stored on the vehicle. This was worked in and a second application on Friday. So far things are looking good.  Nick also took some time to remove rust from the deck of the Sturgeon.

Saturday and the Medfit received attention. It’s floor was no longer fit for this world so it was fully removed. The steelwork will require a few remedial actions before a replacement is fitted.

As well as the Medfit our project to revert the Dace back into a Shockhood B has begun. The deck has been cleaned of Moss and Rust, as well as the space between the frame and body. Sunday and manufacturing the Hoop mounts was on the cards.
Using the original mounting holes, mounting plates and a cover plate were manufactured.  These were installed at both ends and are ready for the hoops to be manufactured.

Whilst these were being installed Ross began creating the wooden batons that run each side of the body,  under each lip.  This is made of 4 parts and is there to prevent damage to the sheet which will be fitted.20181230_125605

We will be posting an end of year review on Tuesday and this will also include our exploits planned for New Years Eve as we visit another Railway.

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