02/01/19, End of Year Review

The final day of 2018 and a visit to the Rail Innovation and Development Centre Melton.  More commonly known as the Old Dalby Test Track.  Those who have read our profiles will know this is where I work, So for me New Years eve was a day working,  for the rest of the team a tour and a run down the test track.
2 full line trips buffer stop to buffer stop were made. One in 08 892 and the other in 47 714. 52 miles in total.

On to New Years day and work continues on the Shockhood B. Advantage was taken of the extremely good weather with Jake priming the wooden batons made by Ross and exposed frame of the Medfit.

Nick and I started the tarpauling bars for the Shockhood.  There were quite a few complicated bends, it was all figured out and after the sun had set both ends of the vehicle had received the end bars bent and ready to be linked.

On to the review of the past year.  Having focused on the Brakevans these took a lot of our time so the vehicle total this year is lower, the numbers are as follows:

4 doors
2 re-roofs
3 re-floors
7 exterior repaints
3 interior repaints
5 seats reupholstered
2 new vehicles
1 Transit van starter motor
23 new windows

To finish I have written a poem, I hope you enjoy it.

We started the year by re-wheeling a Shockvan
A sheet was fitted to a wagon at Swithland

Dummy shock gear was the focus of the day
Until warmer weather when the fish came to play

From white to blue it looked ice cool
The first of three brake vans, they were cruel

A shock van stripped of all but its doors
A Midland box van we found its numbers

An LMS Brakevan with 18 foot boards
It received new upholstery, a new one for us

A starter motor for a van but not one on rails
The end of steam came but thankfully failed

A work week in August and another brakevan fell apart
That visit from Robert that pulled at the heart

Despite the heat we focused on a stove
Rebuilt the third brake, even got the doors to close

It was time for some flats one from a Scottish works
The other received a tank it could have been worse,

A trip down to Gloucestershire to see Mr Stone
Plenty of wagons were wanted but none came home.

The war came to an end and a fire was lit
A wagon arrived it was a Palbrick

We ended our year with oil and pads
Thanks to all our supporters Happy New year from the lads.


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