20/01/19. Shochood B, Aesthetically

Another weekend and January is rapidly passing.  Work continues on the Shochood B and this should be the last update with a hoodless vehicle.  In preparation for the hood fitment, the missing loops for attaching said hood have been fitted.  These were manufactured by Jamie and Pat from Rothley C&W and our thanks go to them for helping with this project.
As we do not have the capacity to weld, the side hoop was manufactured from threaded bar this allowed it to be bolted in position.  The end hoop was fitted to a mounting plate which was again bolted in position.

Once these were fitted Nick and Jake turned to the ends.  Due to two large holes being drilled in each end this has allowed years of rust to accumulate.  This was removed and plates manufactured to fill the voids.  Again due to our welding inability theses plates were bolted in position and once better weather arrives will be filled.  Until then they have been redoxided along with the hoops fitted.

My task and completing my personal mission to aesthetically create a Shoochood B, the end steps were both removed.


Saturday’s final task was to place the Palbricks toolbox back on the vehicle just to keep it out of the way until the vehicle’s future is fully decided.20190119_161913

On to Sunday and the task to fit the capping wood.  This was positioned rebated and bolted into position.  Once bolted up Jake applied a coat of gloss.

Apart from painting this completes the reversion.

Next week should see the sheet fitted and of cause it is the GCR’s Winter Gala so TPO action for ourselves.

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  1. Was looking late this afternoon at the pipework where the three meet at the mounting point on the hood wagon. Very impressive. Pal brick looks good.


    1. Many thanks. Its quite an arrangement pieced together from low quality images.


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