27/01/2019 – “I’m Postman Matt and no, I don’t have a cat!”

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly update from Quorn Wagon and Wagon.

This weekend has seen the railway host the annual Winter Steam Gala, with the van train running and the mixed freight making a welcome reappearance. We were also staffing the demonstration Travelling Post Office train, performing ground duties in the mornings and staffing the train for the afternoon run.

Most importantly though, we fitted the sheet to the Shochood B, which makes us the proud owners of the only Shochood B in preservation! Matt collected the sheet on Friday. We have fitted it temporarily, as the best place to store a sheet is in place on the wagon. The sheet will be removed before painting. As the fitment is temporary, we’ve used cable ties to attach the sheet to the wagon. We discovered when putting the sheet in position, that one of the bars was able to jump off its prop, leaving a sharp pole. Nick and I went around inside the wagon and used some steel strapping to prevent the poles lifting off the poles.

Matt has put some effort in and put himself together a GPO uniform to play the part of a postman from the 1960s. He also borrowed a post bike from the station to complete his image. On the TPO, Matt and I did some work to free of the letter flaps, as fitted to Postal Sorting carriages.

Thanks for reading this small update, and join us next week for another!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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