03/03/19 – Business as usual

As the title suggests we have returned to what we can only describe as our usual business. M500954, the LMS boxvan, is our next project.  The first task was to measure the vehicle so accurate replacement planks can be ordered.


With measurements taken attention turned to the east side of the vehicle.  The door was removed, this basically fell off as it was quite rotten. My job being to dismantle it, salvage the steel fittings and as much wood as possible.


Although the frame remains most of this will require replacement but it is being retained for templating.  Nick, Ross and Jake removed the bolts from the side planks and dismantled the inner and outer skins.


All of the metal components removed from the door and an L angle from the frame were scraped down, cleaned up and red oxide applied.


The last job for Saturday was to red oxide the frame were the L angle mentioned above lives.  This angle tightens the gap between frame and door when it is closed, a metallic draft excluder if you will.  Straight on to Sunday and with both frame and L angle dried they were bolted back together.


Sunday morning was spent at Loughborough.  With preparations for unifying the GCR with its Northern counterpart, a number of grounded vans are requiring to be removed.  We have earmarked a number for possible future use but our trip was to collect spares that could be more useful in the short term. We have also looked at the viability of the Containers so expect further news on these.


Back to Quorn and we were happy to have a further visit from Dave Bower.  We have some exciting ideas for Test Car 2 which we will shed light on in future updates.

Jake returned to work on M500954 and applied red oxide to the back of all of the now exposed metal work.  Ross took a look at the Slip Working headlight whilst I looked at the possibility of manufacturing chalkboard brackets.  I am happy with the result.


This week we shall be placing orders for wood and hopefully delivery will be in time for next weekends activities, we, as always shall keep you up to date.

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