11/03/2019 – Framed again

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another update from Quorn Wagon and Wagon.  This weekend, we have continued to work on the LMS box van.  At the end of last week, we had stripped the side from the van and removed the door frame for patterns.

On Saturday morning we took delivery of the new side planks for the van from Harlows timber merchants. These planks have been pressure treated, so should stand up to the beating the weather throws at the body sides. We also took delivery of a new sliding door frame, ably carried by Matt and Nick.


So the day begins, we began by building up the door frame with all the bits of steel framework to enable the door to be refitted to the van. Taking advantage of the good weather, Matt and Nick set up shop on the dock. Before mounting anything to the frame, areas where things were to be mounted had a generous coating of wood primer. A tea was consumed to allow the paint to dry a little bit, and then the top and bottom angle irons were fitted.

Then the side frame was added, which governed the placing of the rollers at the top of the door, and the corner reinforcing pieces at the bottom.

What was I doing whilst Matt and Nick were readying the door? I was repairing some other doors, as fitted to another Transit van. I replaced locks on the load space doors, and then sat in the warmth of TC2 and repaired the rear door wiring loom. Once I’d fixed the central locking, I assisted Matt and Nick with the rehanging of the sliding door. We’d managed to slide the door on, but some adjustment was required to allow the door its full range of movement. Last thing to fit to the door was the latch.


Just before hometime on Saturday,  Matt painted the door frame and rebates in wood primer and part of the side ‘fell’ in.


On to Sunday. Before I had got there, Matt and Nick (in between perusing the Swapmeet) had fitted the south side planks. Both end required a filling strip, at the top of the cladding, which I set myself up in the GUV to make. These were slid in, and then a team of Dave, Jake, Matt and Nick set about bolting the side planks and internal cladding to the van side. Whilst they did that, I cut out the plywood back piece for the sliding door. The vertical front planks screw to this backing wood, so this task readies us for next week.  Nick, using the angle grinder, cut off the end of the bolts that were considered too long, whilst I was inside screwing the backing boards to the door frame. Now the sides are in its a bit dark in there! Jake finished the door off by painting the front face of the plywood in wood primer.


Next week, the door planks will be added and the side planks painted with wood primer (weather dependent). Then onto the other side!

Thanks for reading!

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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