17/03/19 -“You only paint them”

We have heard in the past that some say we only repaint our vehicles,  I hope those that once thought that have had a change of opinion and that the last 3 weekends reinforce that opinion.  Work of cause continues on M500954.  First job to complete the East side.  Door planks were trimmed and any areas that will allow moisture in were sealed.


On to the west side which traditionally is the weathered side and this one is no exception. We focused on the North corner and as the bolts were removed the side basically fell out.


Jake then cleaned down and applied red oxide to the back of the frame whilst I manufactured a plate to cover the hole that has allowed water into and subsequently rot the van side.


With the wind whipping around the now open side the red oxide dried very quickly.  The planking then began.  Once we got half way up recesses were cut to allow the planks to sit flush despite four rivets.


Once fully planked plywood inner sheets were cut to size, fitted, holes drilled and bolts fitted, with the final task for Saturday to screw areas on the inner ply skin that was not supported by bolts.


As can be seen, quite a transformation if we don’t say so ourselves.Untitled-1
On to Sunday and attention turned to the West side door.  The old planks were removed, well fell off if we are once again being honest. As well as the locking catch.


Some of the rot had penetrated into the inner planks so these were also removed as required.  This allowed access for Jake to clean and red oxide the doors centre bar.20190317_095652.jpg

The plan is not to remove this door but a few areas were tight, so the remaining planks were sanded down to allow clearances to allow the door to slide easily. Measurements were taken and a suitable piece of ply was cut to size and fitted.


Jake primed the edges before fitment and then the outer face once in position, the new door planks were also trimmed to size and locking catch refitted.


The planks were of cause fitted, bolted and screwed top and bottom.


Last job was to clean and hoover the inside ready for the final push.20190317_154646

This completes this weekends work, we are 5/6th of the way through with just one corner to go.  This of cause will be the topic for next weekends update.20190317_155605



3 thoughts on “17/03/19 -“You only paint them””

  1. Looking good! Not a criticism but have you used wider planks to make it more rigid ?


    1. Hi David,
      Thank you!
      The narrow planks that were fitted were just B&Q tongue and groove boarding. The planks we have specified are the same pattern as we used on the LMS brake van, so are closer to the original sizing. We have no real concerns about rigidity as the internal cladding was changed for ply before we took on the van.
      Our aim was to make the van look more original, which I think we’re achieving.



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