14/04/19 – It will soon suck once again

This weekend we started with a morning trip “Up” the line to Swithland then on to Rothley.  The Swithland stop was to pick up an 18″ Vacuum cylinder for 500954 and also as the gang is increasing in size a set of seats for Nicks Transit to move us all about when necessary.  On this point, we welcome back Olly, who use to help Nick some time ago.

On to Rothley and some overalls, boots and high-vis for Olly stored in “The Yellow Coach” and a quick look at B954546 which has been recladded on the Westside and received new footboards all-round, amongst other work.

Back at Quorn and the task of overhauling the cylinder. According to the overhaul tag it was last split in 1975 and as expected a few difficulties were encountered. The piston had seized, but the dome was removed without too much hassle. The piston was loosened with a little sledgehammer application and once free Jake unscrewed the piston rod.

Once in kit form, Jake and Olly began to clean up the individual components.

Whilst the dome was empty it was easier to handle under 500954 so Nick and I used it to position and mark the new outer trunnion.  The new item is a BR Coach one which is narrower than the LMS wagon one. The Trunion was offered up, the cylinder leveled and squared and the trunnion clamped and marked up.

The pivot mount was found to be too thick so the trunnion was unclamped adjusted with an angle grinder and reclamped.

The dome was checked for clearance and found to pivot freely so the final hole position was marked and drilled.  The inside of the dome was also “descaled” and painted before being bolted temporarily into position, the first time since 1967 a cylinder has been hung under the vehicle.

Back on to the other components and with Olly’s help I removed the old gland seal, although 2 out of the 3 studs sheared.20190413_182919

With 2 pieces of replacement threaded bar located the new gland seal was fixed in position and by luck one of the sheared studs had enough thread remaining to replace the missing release valve stud.


Last items for Saturday and Jake and Olly made a superb job of the component clean up.

On to Sunday and I was occupied crewing the Class 47 during the GCR’s Diesel Gala.

Jake and Nick continued with the cylinder overhaul ensuring every ounce of rust and detritus was removed.  The plain faces of the cylinder were then red oxide-d ready for next week’s assembly.

Dave was also with us and took on the task of overhauling a few of our spare release valves.

Ross, in the meantime, is once again on his way to Greece on a family holiday.57206048_312782232745429_7208615698778554368_n

4 days for wagons next weekend, anything can happen with so much time.

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