14/07/19 – Cheerio Matey

37637_10150218267700103_1261953_nUnfortunately Tuesday we learned of the passing of one of the GCR’s most notable characters. Peter Haylock was instrumental within the Operations Department and was formerly the railway’s Operations Manager, he always had a kind word to say or a story to share.  Personally, he was there on my very first day as a TTI and encouraged me to become a Guard, we shared many a conversation at many an event.  Unfortunately, our exchanges reduced as I moved away from Operating to Wagon Maintenance but I am glad to have had that last wave as we passed on the 37 last Friday. He will be sadly missed by the team and our thoughts are with his family.  “Cheerio Matey”

We move to Saturday and continue work on Test Car 2. Nick progressed the roof scrape throughout the day.  Whilst Dave removed all of the vinyls.

Once all were removed Daves attention turned to the doors.  Inspecting each and making repairs as necessary. Filling, sanding, and priming.

Unfortunately, the Generator door was beyond repair and the decision was taken to replace it with one of our spares.  This door previously being from a South West Trains EMU.

Whilst this was going on I cleaned up all of the door hinges and handles, removing the decades of paint.

All of our attention then turned to the replacement of the door.  Removing the hinge pins, fitting the new door and making adjustments to the other door, budget lock, and main lock positions.

Ross also continued with a few items on our Dumper Danny

On to Sunday and more of the same for Nick as he continued scrapping the roof.
With the new door being of fiberglass construction when it was trimmed to fit in the luggage door location it left a large hole in the bottom of the door. My first task was to manufacture a cover plate that seals the door bottom.

Ross started to set up an airline and air powered sander and once I had finished with the door and it could be shut he struck up the test cars generator and compressor.

During the sanding, Ross noticed a number of loose window frames and using some of my old RAF riveting skills I replaced the loose and sheared rivets.

Ross continued with the sanding and as we know this is not a quick task20190714_172643

I moved on to the other side and refitted the securing chain for the reducing valve. 20190714_125841.jpg

I then faced the essay that is the legend on the southend of the vehicle.  I also painted out the weight and seat number as these items were not picked out on the data plaque.  Mr Bower providing a clear image of the plaque. THE details are for a standard BSK, not Test Car 2.

That concludes this weeks update. More of cause next week as we continue on “2 Car”.

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