17/07/19 – Then 2 turn up.

Another mid-week update and once again we head north with a Kenway Construction lorry, we send thanks to our friends at Kenway for the loan of the vehicle. Why have we gone north,  another trip to Barnsley after a phonecall, “would you like another container”.  With 2 Conflats in the collection, there was only one answer.  As slick as the first time we loaded and made our way back to Quorn.

BD4303B is identical to its sister container DB4304B although unfortunately, this one has lost its substructure, this serves no deterrent and we have a plan already formulated.

We are certain this is a first for preservation, 2 sequentially numbered fiberglass BD Containers from a batch of only 6 together in the same place and soon to be loaded onto Conflat-As.

Both share the Bedford allocation.  Our focus will return to Test Car 2 and then we will move these 2 and the Conflats to the top of the queue, we are looking forward to these being loaded.

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