28/07/19 – Quorn Wet & Wet

Well, after a hot week the weather conspired against us and its rained, all weekend.  This, of course, limits the work we can carry out on the exterior of “2 Car” although Saturday morning we did manage to apply filler to a number of areas and sand down a little before the rain took hold.


With all we could do outside done, we turned to some drier activities.  Dave continued with the interpretation displays and an internal clean and tidy.


Whilst I began the task of refurbishing a number of first aid kits for our brakevans.


Our thanks also go to the Ops Department for bringing our post Test Car project to Quorn.  Namely our 2 Conflats for a pair of recently acquired containers.20190727_092849.jpg

On to Sunday and the same weather-wise.  I continued with the first aid kits


Interlaced with the first stage of refurbishment for a “Not to be Moved Board”.


Ross lowered the ceiling to diagnose a fault on the 24v supply side. The issue has been identified and components need to be acquired to rectify.


Looking into the ceiling space and seeing the original 1962 ceiling gave us an opportunity to recover the ceiling vents.  These will go into stock and available if required for another vehicle.


We resited the compressor as the gangway will once again be used routinely so the compressor is currently an 11 bar trip hazard.


Finally, we made a start on enclosing the Generator for when public access is allowed into the vehicle.  The compressor will also be enclosed.20190728_182812.jpg

We are wishing for better weather as our deadline for “2 Car” looms ever closer.

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