11/08/19 – Test Car two sides

The weather, as usual, has been it’s changeable self.  With this in mind, we took some time to do a midweek spray. Nick, Ross and I masked and applied the Flame Red.

Whist the side was being sprayed I applied undercoat and topcoat to the Bogie Axel end covers.  Looking through Daves images from his BR test days the hassler unit appears to have had a blue base hence why we have gone with this.

On to Saturday and scattered showers I did, however, manage to add further details to the bogies painting the springs and dampers, the Smiths and Hasler as well as the P1 wheel flange marking to the “A” End bogie.

Whilst I did this Nick and his eldest Liam took some time to look over the hydravane compressor which has been found to have a faulty fuel pump.

On to Sunday and no change in the weather, high winds as we applied the masking.20190811_095523.jpgWith what can only be described as luck we applied the Rail blue between showers and changes in wind direction.


The delicate task of removing the masking commenced and as the sun reappeared we gazed upon the Test Car with its DM&EE livery applied to both sides.


To celebrate a flash of the head and tail lamps and a toot of the electric horns.


During the moments of dampness, I took the opportunity to sign write one of the first aid boxes for the brake vans.20190811_163840With 3 weeks until the GCR diesel gala and with the topcoat on both side we are happy to say the Vehicle will be available for public viewing at the event.  Its location is of course still to be discussed with the GCR, but we will be manning the vehicle over the 3 days and welcome people to come and view our work and Daves old workplace.  If the weather holds Roof paint is scheduled for next weekend.




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