10/11/19 – The Last Paint

Another weekend and another washout. Once again we move up the line to Rothley to look at ADB977107.  Some more welding from the C&W team has enabled us to complete the fitment of the west side windows. Nick and Jake fitted the glass and clamping wood.

Whilst Matt followed, fitting the trims and finishing strips as well as the backrest in the main saloon and the heater retaining strap in the kitchen.  Matt also refitted the toilet trims and skirting boards.

Nick and Jake then moved onto removing the first of the windows on the East side ready for future welding.

Matt’s next task was to do a little exploratory work, looking at the feasibility of reinstating the east side luggage doors. The outer skin and inner ply were removed. Matt then stepped in through the opening; the first person to do so since conversion into a mess van.

The hinge positions were clearly visible, the lower recesses for the luggage doors were still there, just packed with wood and a steel angle added at the bottom to retain the riveted skin. The Z irons were in good condition so Matt pressed on and cut out the additions, decision made, luggage doors will be refitted.

On to Sunday which was much less of a wash out, in fact quite the opposite! Nick was at the Loughborough Remembrance Day Parade, which left Matt and I to get on with the painting of the Container; BD4303B. Painting is a bit of the gamble this time of the year, but we appear to have gotten away with it. We began by removing the sheet and drying off the container where necessary. Matt assembled the scaffold tower while I thinned the paint and assembled the gun and pot. Once dried I began spraying.

Stopping to observed the two minute silence, I continued until 11:45 when I had finished spraying the container. From then, it was a waiting game to see if the paint would go off. Matt and I then began working on B505313, sanding the chain boxes and painting them in red oxide. Nick, now in attendance, painted the interior metal surfaces in Bauxite, and then the body ends. The red oxide sufficiently dry, I painted the chain boxes in undercoat, and then continued to the ends with assistance from Nick.

Matt by this point had just got back with the printed templates for the signwriting on the Container. Having chalked up, he then started signwriting.


After tidying everything away, having a customary cup of tea and admiring the container some more,  we went home! Thanks for reading, and I shall finish with a picture of the container, before we lost the daylight.

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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  1. Hi guys Sorry we couldn’t make it this weekend but had to do my magazine column, hopefully will see you next weekend . Regards Eddie n Harry!


  2. Good morning, I’ve been following this site and the postings for some time: a subject dear to my heart! A big interest in the BR era but I’ve also got retro leanings!

    I’m a London and North Western Railway Society trustee with the particular role of looking out for surviving traction and rolling stock from the company. As you’ll imagine there’s not a lot left and a particular gap is in open wagons. When Snibston was being closed I discovered a reasonably intact five plank wood solebar open there and met Leicester museums there to look it over. They are keen to get rid of it but I was able to hold them off scrapping it while I searched around and consulted the society membership.

    I have a tenuous offer of a home but no confirmation. I’ve consulted widely in the Society and whilst there is a keenness to ensure the wagon’s safety I’ve not been run down with offers of physical help! One or two of the members own vehicles but they are busy with their own projects. However, the record suggests that money could be raised to fund repairs: I have suggested to the museum that since they would incur cost on scrapping they might support move,went to a safe site?!

    In the worst case some of the ironwork could be preserved but it seems a shame to lose such a venerable survivor?

    You’ll have seen this question coming but, could there be a place at Quorn as a contrast to the superb collection of more modern wagons? I’ve taken copious .photos and you will not be surprised to see the solebars have failed ! However, the central longitudinal timbers appear intact.

    I quite understand your situation and assure you that a refusal would NOT offend! I realise there are too many sites with derelict wagons about but consideration would be welcome! I’m away from home at the moment but could forward the set of photos. I would be looking to the LNWRS members for funds of course, not anybody else!


    Peter Stanton.

    Yes, ex BR M & EE engineer who does understand the railway!!

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    1. Hi Peter,

      Apologies for the delay in replying, and thank you for contacting us. I’m afraid we can’t commit to anything, and any new arrivals have to be approved by the Railway. As we are essentially a third party to the railway, we are not in a position to admit any vehicle to site without their say so. I’m happy to pass on the details of the Railway’s Operations and Rolling Stock Manager, Scott Manley, who should be able to give you an answer to the question you have posed. You may have to present a plan to him for getting the work required completed.

      It would be a shame to lose such a wagon, especially if there is a gap where open wagons of the LNWR are concerned. As a group we don’t have any wooden framed vehicles, so wouldn’t have the necessary skills or experience to care for such a vehicle. (we are fine with wooden bodies etc, but I feel frames could be a different matter!)

      There is a wooden frame vehicle on site at Quorn, but I fear it maybe in a worse condition than the Snibston survivor. That is awaiting fundraising to start its restoration, but has been in that condition for a number of years. I say this not wanting to dissuade you, but I’d rather give you a picture of how things are.

      Whilst I haven’t answered your question, I hope I have been some help! If you can ping an email to us using the contact form, I shall send you the O&RSM’s email address.

      Kind regards,
      Ross Loades


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