Vehicle Profile #3 – The Yellow Coach

Up next in Vehicle Profile Series we have coach very important to us, and is very much missed. The coach formed the base of our operations since 2011, and has all the usual mess facilities needed for us to work on the wagons of the fleet.

The Yellow Coach – ADB977107 (Sc21202, E21202)

The vehicle we refer to as the ‘Yellow Coach’ was built in 1958 at Metro Cammell in Washwood Heath, Birmingham as 21202, a Mk 1 Brake Composite Corridor [BCK] coach to diagram number 171, as part of lot number 30425. It was converted for use at a Breakdown Train Unit (BTU) staff coach in 1983 at Slade Green being fitted with BR Mark 3A ex.EMU trailer bogies. The modifications undertaken as part of its BTU role included:-

  • additional heating
  • additional lighting
  • kitchen area
  • sleeping compartment with four bunks
  • mess area with large tables
  • office compartment
  • water heater
  • washing area

Re-classified as QVA and renumbered ADB977107 it was then transferred to Eastleigh where it was used in the breakdown train until the mid 1990s. The coach continued in breakdown train use moving to Crewe. Finally after moving to Wigan the coach had fallen out of use by 2010 and was stored at the Wigan Disposal. From there it was bought on the 23 July 2010 by Nick Tinsley, and subsequently moved to the GCR. It resided in the sidings at Quorn for many years, providing a base for the Quorn Wagon & Wagon group. In 2019 with the condition of the body deteriorating, and requests from the railway to tidy up the yard, the coach moved to Rothley where it is receiving much needed body repairs, electrical system modifications and interior restoration.

Below are some diagrams of the layout of the coach, in service as a BCK, when converted to breakdown train use and now, in preservation.

BCK - Sc21202 Layout Diagram

BCK - ADB977107 Layout Diagram As Converted

BCK - ADB977107 Layout Diagram As Preserved

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

4 thoughts on “Vehicle Profile #3 – The Yellow Coach”

    1. The guards compartment was reinstated soon after the coach arrived in 2010 from one of the Irish Boiler vans. The owner decided he liked it better with the guards compartment in so refitted it. At least in this form the coach could be used as a brake coach were it required.


      1. Thanks for the swift reply. Did he also reinstate the gangways as BTU and departmentals tend not to have them. Great blog by the way.


  1. Thank you. Its true, most departmental coaches had them removed. However ADB977107 retained is Gangways and I also believe it retained it’s Buckeyes. Looking at the drawings our BTU vehcile seems to be an outliner as the drawings don’t necessarily match what we have, which makes it interesting to undertake any modoifications!


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