14/06/20 – Unable to Container the excitement

No, you didn’t imagine last week’s update; we are really back, and this weekend carried on with the standard social distancing regulations in force. Thanks to the sunnier, hotter weather Matt has been able to make a start on undertaking the fibreglass repairs to his container. Our staggered approach to having the team back has seen Dave return this weekend. Dave, Matt and Jake made a start on the container by removing previous, failed repair patches and scalloping the edges of the damage out to get a good edge for the adhesion of the new repairs.

With the old repairs and damage prepared, Matt then went round with expanding foam to fill up the big holes. I’d struck up the Test Car’s Generator and compressor at this point to build air to blow down the dust from the container to continue with the repairs. By the time the air had built up and the container blown down, the sun had got quite hot. Matt had the idea of dragging out the £50 gazebo he’d bought for Madge and using it as a cover/sun shade to use while working on the container. With suitable leg extensions fitted, the gazebo was erected over the container.

By this point it was lunch time, so we’d stopped for lunch. Matt got out the fibreglassing kit, and started smoothing off the expanding foam and applying resin and matting to the areas that required it. This was then followed by Isopon P40 to bridge smaller holes, and fill repairs to surface level.

The process so far, Old repairs removed,  voids filled with expanding foam and tided.  Fibreglass matting bonded with resin applied over the foam.

Sunday with Nick, Matt, Dave and Jake on site continuing on Matts Container. Jake and Nick looked at opening the locking bar on the North set of side doors.  This was to allow Matt to make a repair to the door behind the bar.

Dave went around fitting the plates manufactured for the corner strapping to return them to the correct profile.  Although the North East corner was deemed not to require them.

Once fitted Dave moved to the roof to remove the redundant stacking plates and remains of screws which had corroded severely, as per Nicks Container these will not be replaced. Matt continued filling all the previously prepared areas.

After lunch Matt manufactured a repair plate for the door, Red Oxided and with Jakes help fitted.20200614_163259

Whilst in a manufacturing mood Matt also created the blanking plate for the disconnected loaded cylinder on the Iron Ore Tippler and also closed the vacuum hoses into a loop so to reduce the possibility of the redundant hoses deteriorating.

Dave began the long task of sanding the container and this will require filling and sanding until the desired finish is reached,  so a few weekends of filling and sanding expected.

To complete the process above, Filler applied and sanded

A good chunk of work done on the container.  To finish the afternoon a visit from EE Type One D8098 dropping of a few coaches, including our very own BG

Author: Ross Loades

Wagon Basher and Systems Engineer in the Rail Industry

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