21/06/20 – Once, twice, three times a Container

A split effort this Saturday, those who are on our facebook page will know that we had a little road trip to Morecambe. Once again our thanks go to our freinds at Kenway Construction for the loan of one of their 7.5ton lorries, Nick was struggling to give it back this time.  So what took us to the Lancashire coast? Well, a 1958 Park Royal Coachbuilders built Diagram 3/047 Light Alloy Container. An eBay purchase from a Morecambe scrap merchants.

Whilst Nick and I were touring the west coast Dave continued with my other container.  filling, sanding, more filling and even more sanding, finishing with some more filler. 20200621_101127

Jake was sent into the Iron Ore Tippler to paint the interior walls. This concludes the work on this vehicle, this week I will be making the request to the GCR Operatons department to have this as well as the Vacuum Steel High moved to Swithland to enter the mixed freight and our next vehicles requiring work moved to Quorn.

 Ross’s day was spent on the Volvo loading shovel, this needed some TLC and a service after its forced lockdown out of use, and its use was required when Nick and I returned.  Ross investigating its persistent charging issue,  it turns out that the alternator hadn’t been reconnected correctly when reassembled after an engine overhaul. With the offending wire found and correctly reconnected, things are looking better but further investigation is still required.  Oil was topped up and filters cleaned out, though the air filter is needing replacement. The exhaust needs further work due to the silencer not being connected, and having a big tear across it. We have two options sourcing a replacement or figuring out an alternative arrangement.

With the Volvo ready Nick and I arrived with B55897B.  This was unloaded and placed on the ground.

Sunday and Dave continues his mission of filling and sanding. He has done a superb job and with one final morning to complete a few finishing touches we will be ready for paint.

Nick and Jake looked at our new arrivals doors. The pins of which were severely corroded, in fact the lower doors pins had seized and sheared.  This required a lot of heat and percussion adjustment.  The locking bar was also similarly delt with and a new door locking pin acquired and fitted.

Nick, Jake and I also moved the contents in my fibreglass container into the new container.  These are tea chests and boxes which after some TLC will be used for charters and galas.

My tasks were to look at B507489 specifically the chain box sides which required a touch of filler. As well as manufacturing new kick plates for my container.

I also began my usual industrial archeology, finding the original BR markings under the later Vickers Underwater Pipeline Engineering Trials Unit paint scheme.  Tare, Gross Weight and Numbers as well as Branding for Luton Midland Road LMR.  I will in time take my usual measurement although these will be retained for future reference.  The livery from the research I have already carried out was originally bare aluminum with white panels and black lettering.  The current condition, which includes a number of steel repair panels will not allow a true restoration to this condition without significant work, plus having worked in the aviation industry in an aircraft structures environment I am fully aware the labour intensive nature of polishing aluminium.  So as an economy measure late 60s door to door bauxite will be the livery of choice. The builders plate stamped with the lot number 3174 is also fitted as well as the cast numberplate.

Unfortunatly a turn in the weather saw the demise of the gazebo but it served its purpose and lasted much longer than expected,  being in place for a full 8 days.

So hopefully with good weather we will see substantial progress with my fiberglass container and Nicks conflat as well as some other vehicles to work on.  Fingers crossed.

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