05/07/20 – Deja-con’s

Lets begin with our next projects, arriving in the week Medfit B461074 and Mineral B550356 these, of course, will be subject to our usual attention in the next coming weeks.

Jake and Nick did a little work on my Container, Jake applying the masking tape to the rubber components and Nick clearing the roof bars one final time before hopefully Sunday painting.

My aim was to complete the work on the Conflat, this involved a touch of sanding and filling of the chain boxes and final rubbing down, assisted by Jake. Thankfully the weather sort of played ball and what rain did fall was brief and dried up rapidly.

Eddie and Harry were also on-site and made a start on scraping down the mineral,  a fair amount of loose rust was removed from the wagon’s floor.

Jake and Nick’s next task was to look at B458484, it had been reported that this had suffered with a locked axel when shunted at Swithland some time ago. We manhandled it up and down the siding with it rolling freely.  Each journal, oil pad, and axel was inspected, as well as the vacuum system tested and the hand brakes exercised.  The vehicle was left with the brakes applied and when we returned the next day vacuum remained in the cylinder,  this was released and again the vehicle man handled up and down the siding.

With the Conflat work complete I applied a layer of red oxide, primarily to cover the areas of bare metal.

Finally, for Saturday and the forecasted rain keeping away, Nick and I applied a layer of undercoat. Grey undercoat this time as we are running low on the red.  This places us ahead of our plan.

On to Sunday and a Split gang.  Ross and I staying at Quorn and Jake and Nick, assisted by Jamie from C&W were up the line at Rothley.
The task at Rothley centered around ADB977107, welding continues on this vehicle as we are keen for it to return to Quorn.  Jamie giving Jake some instruction into the art of welding. The South east corner and toilet filler as well as under the first-class toilet window being the focus for today as well as some of the missing brackets for the steps under the luggage and first class doors.

Back at Quorn and finally a break in the weather.  A moment I have been waiting for for over a year painting of my fibreglass container.  The special Fibreglass/gelcoat primer first.  The is a very fast drying paint and was quickly followed up by the undercoat.

With the undercoat requiring a little longer to dry Ross and I continued painting but the more traditional method and the usual Bauxite shade, as we continue the Conflats repaint.


With the main coat done we turned to the details. Vacuum swan necks, lamp brackets and brake handles

Ross also had a further look at the Volvo20200705_154948This filled up the time allowing the undercoat on the Container to dry and the application of the Crimson topcoat.

So that completes the weekend, with the “Yellow Coach” progressed, the second Container in Crimson and the second Conflat in Bauxite. All that is left is a little teaser of our 3 Containers together for the first time.


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