02/08/20 – All about the Mineral

Our focus for this weekend was B550356 our own 16T Mineral Wagon, the first such wagon on the preserved GCR, arriving over 2 years before the formation of the Windcutter group.

Preparing the body for paint was the task in hand with Nick, Jake, Dave and I scrapping, sanding and chipping.

The loose material was then blown down,  inside and out.

Any areas taken down to bare metal was then given a coat of Red Oxide Primer

Eddie was also on site and gave our new “Site Office” a spruce up.

For the shed I cut and shaped a door sign, in the style of a BR enamel sign which I then applied a coat of wood primer too.

Whilst I was making the sign, Nick and Jake adjusted the Minerals brakes. taking up the slack caused by brake block ware.

On to Sunday and Jake assuming command of the spray guns,  whilst thinning the paint Dave applied undercoat to the top of the vehicle and under the doors.20200802_093250

With the tower built Jake began applying the undercoat.  Still grey at the moment but this isn’t to much of an issue.  Dave following Jake with a brush touching up any areas missed by the Gun.

Whilst the undercoat was being applied I continued with making the Fish & Chip train headboard for the GCR,  this has been sat at Rothley for 4 months over the lock down and was retrieved last weekend by Nick so I could progress it.  The shed door sign was also undercoated.

With the undercoat complete,  we admire the familiar site of a Grey Mineral wagon.

Eddie and Harry on site as well, having brought some boxes they had wrapped in the week, they reapplied bitumen to the inside of E280364.

With the warm weather the undercoat was dry in no time and the Gloss was then applied, of cause our usual shade of Bauxite was the top coat of choice and Dave chasing Jake with brush in hand.

With the Gloss hardening off,  we made a quick clean up of the underframe and applied a further colour for the day.  Black Bitumen,  Jake again spraying the sides whilst Dave and I followed with Brushes.

It was at this point Nick arrived from Rothley having been assisting Jamie with further welding on “the yellow coach” this completes this task,  but there is still a long way to go with this vehicle.

With the really good weather we were able to add some of the finishing details. Swan necks, Lamp Irons, brake handles and brake change over levers.

That concludes this weekends update with the rare sight of a bauxite Mineral Wagon on the GCR,  as always more next week.

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