09/08/20 – Mineral done, Medfit next

Two groups in action Saturday, Dave and I on the Mineral and Nick and Jake on the Medfit.  

The Mineral sees the detailing being applied, first being the application of the door stripes.  Positions were measured and masking applied, masking was also applied for the brake change over indicator, data panel, and Vacuum brake square.

I of cause began the lettering application whilst Dave applied the white to the masked areas.

Nick and Jake, having scraped down the Medfit and applied Red Oxide to the bare metal areas followed up with a layer of undercoat.

Dave also applied gloss to the top surfaces and behind each door of the Mineral.

With the lettering complete, Dave masked off and applied the boxes that enclose the vehicle details.

With the undercoat dry, Jake then applied the gloss coat with Nick following with brush in hand.

We were also joined Saturday by BBC Journalist and fellow Railway enthusiast Tom Ingall, he was on site finding out about us and our fleet, more on this however in the future.

All that is left to do is admire the now completed Mineral Wagon.  We have gone for the post-1964 BR scheme to separate our mineral from those of the Windcutter groups, who carry pre-1964 livery.

On to Sunday and the Mineral was moved up to the turntable to take pride of place.

Nick and Daves attention turned to the Medfit scraping down the underframe in preparation for paint.

I started with a bit more signwriting.  Applying lettering to the door sign made last week, which received a coat of Oxford Blue Saturday and completion of a Headboard for the GCR.

I also, between periods of awaiting paint to dry, manufactured and primed a new chalkboard for the Medfit

With the door sign completed it was fitted to the Shed

All attention then turned to painting the Medfits underframe.

So that leaves us in a similar place to last weekend, although this time its a Medfit not a Mineral.

Last item, Ross is away in Greece and sends some snaps.  He even found an Ice Blue urn.

3 thoughts on “09/08/20 – Mineral done, Medfit next”

  1. Looking at the signwriting on the Conflats on Saturday, what’s a ‘chain pocket lid’? Asking for my mother who could see chains but no lids or indeed pockets. Thanks!


    1. Hello Martin

      The Conflats have both been restored with floor planks that cover the pockets. The box section the signwriting is written on would originally have had a lid which the chains would have been placed in when not in use. One issue with these pockets is the base of them holds water very well and rot the pockes, to prevent this they have both had the bases removed.
      So our restored Conflats no longer have useable pockets and have lost their lids but to complete the look of them the legend has been applied.


  2. Enjoyable read again Matt, look forward to this. Keep up the good work.


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