31/08/20 – Bank Holiday, Doors & Floors

Again we begin on a Friday with Nick, lubricating the brake rigging and bitumining the top of the frames of B786181. I then arrived a little later to apply some period appropriate labels to Madges barrels.

On to Saturday with Nick, Jake, Dave, Eddie and I on site and fitment of the floor to B786181. This being drilled and bolted down.

Eddie continuing his sterling work on the underframe scrape down.
With the floor complete we moved to painting the roof sheet whilst Nick removed the remains of the East side door.

Lucky the roof paint was complete before the heavens opened. With the rain putting pause to exterior work we moved into the CCT to rearrange some of the stored items to make space for those which have found there way into my Container. This is to allow work to begin, which started with the removal of the workbench and straightening of the East side which had in its previous lives attained a number of dents.

Onto Sunday, attention was on manufacturing a new set of doors. As a means of increasing longevity, we have designed our own style of doors for vans. This is in an effort to eliminate water traps. So looking at our doors from the exterior they are a single sheet of ply.

Whilst Nick and Ross manufactured the doors, Jake cleaned up and Red Oxided the door furniture.

Jake and I moved on to one final task for B461074, this being to replace a number of rotten planks. 9 to be precise.

With the main structure of B786181’s new doors complete the door furniture was added, with the ply under each being initially primed underneath before fitment.

Doors fitted, the first layer of primer was applied to the doors front, back and edges.

This is the first time for quite some time that the van has had 4 doors, roof and a solid floor.

Monday and it’s my Container that takes the limelight, Nick and I continued with the dent removal. Using a combination of jacks, crowbars, heat and sledge hammers. The structure of the Container is now looking a lot better.

I then set about removing all of the bolts and additional items such as the racking and workbench added post BR.

Also with us today was Eireni who manufactured new label clip bases and sacrificial door protector strips that will be fitted at a later date.

While we worked on the Container Ross looked into the Hydrovane to see if he could get it going. Main effort being rebuilding the fuel pump. Still a few options to look at for him, but we are a step closer.

One item missing from the Container was a lashing ring, with a suitable spare found in stock, this was duly fitted, bolts trimmed and nuts peaned.

Back inside, once swept and hovered, the rear wall ply was removed as well as a small portion of the west side. This as to facilitate further dent removal and to assist in repairing the rear wall.

That concludes this Bank Holiday update, with a straighter Container and a secure box van. More as always next week.

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