13/09/20 – 7 day bumper wagon update

My boss for the past few months has been stating I need to use up some of my leave, so what best way than to take a week off to paint B954546. A Rothley volunteer has been slowly progressing the vehicle and enough progress had been made for external painting. For those who subscribe to the Rothley C&W facebook page you will have already seen what progress has been made.

On to Monday and first I ensured all handrails and fixtures were secure. Followed by applying MP20 weather sealant to a number of areas of the exterior planking.
The rest of day one was occupied with keying all of the undercoated areas, as these were a few months old, and priming any bare wood, ready for day two.

Tuesday and day two, I was joined by Dave and Dick, Dick is a volunteer at Rothley C&W and has been chipping away at the Brakevan over the past few months.

Dave’s first task was to look at the unsettled boards above the west side ducket, a selection of longer screws replaced those previously fitted followed up with a spot of sealant.

I began the application of undercoat beginning with white around the duckets and each veranda end, more on the reason for this later

Dave then began the application of the deep red undercoat to the rest of the vehicle, chosen because it was half a tin that needed using up. Once I completed the body stripes I also moved on to the deep red.

Dick fitted new roof rain strips, tightened a few more items and fitted wagon lapel clips. As Dave and I continued with the deep red application.

At the end of day two, undercoat was fully applied ready for day three.

A day of gloss for day three. Dave taking care of the main event, the application of Bauxite.

I started with the other colour, this being Warning Panel Yellow. It will no doubt be apparent that we are applying the late 1960s livery applied to Air Piped and Braked brake vans ours being Piped.

The duckets and a plank either side of the yellow was left and will be completed once the yellow has dried.

As Wednesday closes a full application of bauxite, two coats of yellow on the side stripes and first coat on the veranda stripes.

Day four and continuation of the top coat application. With the yellow side stripes dry I applied bauxite to the remaining planks and the duckets. Second coat of yellow was also to the end stripes.

Dave’s task was to apply black to the underframe and headstocks.

I also applied white to the veranda ceilings and once Dave was completed with the black we moved on to the handrails, air pipes and lamp irons.

At the close of play on day four we have top coat applied to all areas above and including the sole bars.

Final day of my week off and my favorite activity, signwriting. First a few adjustments to my pre printed templates to accommodate the body side planking followed by marking up.

Then the slow therapeutic task of applying all the letters………………..

That concludes the mid week section of this weeks update, there is still a number of items that need progressing before the vehicle is complete and our thanks go to Dick for his excellent work thus far.

Day six, well for me at least, and back at Quorn. Work continues on B786181, Nick, Jake and Dave removing the bolts and south west corner boards.

The backs of the frames were then cleaned up and redoxided, whilst Dave measured and cut the replacement boards.

These areas were then primed

My focus was on my Container, the majority of the rivets holding the container together had corroded severely. These were systematically drilled out and replaced ensuring what integrity remains was maintained, I.E. each rivet removed was replaced to prevent areas falling apart. At the end of the day over 400 rivets were replaced.

Eddie was also on site, touching up and re bitumening Medfit B458484.

With the primer dried the boards were drilled fitted and bolted to the van.

The north west corner was then striped, steel work cleaned and primed, boards cut and primed ready for fitment Sunday

Last few tasks for Saturday, fitment of the door retaining catch and admire the days progress

Day seven, Sunday and the final day for this update, the boards for the north west corner of the van were offered up drilled and bolted into position

My attention was once again on my container, manufacturing a number of metallic items, namely; Over door rain strip, Lower door retaining eyes, Lower door edge trim and a replacement side repair plate. These were cut, shaped, drilled and primered.

Eddie continued with the refresh of the Medfit and this looks superb once again.

Dave turned to internal trim fitment, both on the van and the container. Re-used items from other areas were trimmed and fitted.

Once the primer was dried I fitted my manufactured items.

That completes this weeks bumper edition. A Brake van painted, I container structurally sound and a van with all but two doors replaced, that’ll be next weekends task.

I’m now going to have a week at work for a rest.

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