20/09/20 – Two more doors

I’m afraid this update is shorter than last weeks, work continues on both B786181 and B55897B, Nick and Jake sanding down the ends and steel work of the van. Applying red oxide to bare areas of steel.

Dave’s task was to manufacture the final set of doors which will complete the woodwork repairs for this vehicle. Measured, trimmed, assembled and primed.

I of cause continued with my Container, manufacturing a replacement corner bumper. This was made from a foam ball, shaped, fibreglass applied for strength, then filler and sanded to shape.

Onto Sunday Nick, Ross and Jake removing the old doors, refurbishing the surviving door furniture and hanging the new.

Once dry the door furniture was fitted to the new doors.

I continued with my Container sanding the doors to remove the Bitumastic based paint used by a previous owner. This also identified in a past life it was used as a Scaffold Store.

I also applied the wooden door stops and label clips.

Final task for mee was to remove the rotten wood from the roof, the former bolt holes being filled with rivets for waterproofing.

Nick and Jake finished off scraping down the metal frame work and red oxiding the bare metal, this completes the body work repairs and pending good weather we are set to paint the vehicle. On the Container I have a few areas of filler to apply and sand above each of the corners and the roof to sand.

Finally an artful shot of Madge taken after parking the trailers up.

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    1. Thank you Peter, despite the current Covid situation this year is looking to be our best for out put.


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