04/10/20 – Rain shall not beat us

Unusually we begin last Sunday, with a School visit to the GCR on Wednesday we were asked by the Education department if we could take part in telling the story of how Goods were moved by Rail. Whilst I was painting my Container roof the rest of the team along with Jack were moving into the Goods Shed.

The blank canvas was filled with a number of our items including the bench and shelving from my container to create our interpretation of the interior.

With the scene set, Jack, Jake and I were in attendance Wednesday to tell the story assisted of cause by Madge, we also had a visit from Channel 5 and Rob Bell but more on this at a later date.

As quick as it was set up the building was emptied but we will be working closely with the education team to make a more permanent interpretive display.

Jack took the opportunity to make a British Transport Films inspired video. This is included below, this will for part of a larger project and I hope you enjoy.

On to Friday and with the rain forecast to be with us all weekend I set up a cover to allow the signwriting to begin on my Container.

On to Saturday and with the side completed Friday evening dried the sheet was transferred to the opposite side and also signwritten,

The rest of the team consisting of Nick, Ross, Eireni, Jake and Dave carried out a number of tasks, Gloss coating 786181s chalkboard brackets, undercoating the chalkboards, refurbishing a number of Vacuum Release valves and sheeting 786181 ready for Sunday.

Dave’s final task was to cut and and paint some dense foam ready for fitment to my containers door stops.

On to Sunday and another sheet move on my container, this time to complete the door signwriting.

Nick and Ross started Sunday preparing the sheet over 786181 tying it back to allow me to signwrite underneath.

With my containers signwriting completed I moved on to the van chalking and painting.

All hands turned to the van. Eddie applying fence paint to the bare doors for protection

Nick Ross and Jake applying bitumen to the underframe and headstocks. The sheet was a godsend and with the intermittent rain held off the signwriting was complete as well as the headstocks and west underframe.

I moved to the GUV to apply a gloss coat to the release valves refurbished by Ross Saturday.

It was this time we was joined by something unexpected. Blue skies and sunshine, with a quick look at a number of weather apps and the forecast looking much better, the sheet was removed and the Eastside painted.

I took the opportunity to apply a second coat to the containers roof followed by fitting the door stops and touching up a number of areas with bauxite.

Whilst I painted gloss so did Ross with Lamp irons vacuum pipes and brake levers painted, Nick applied topcoat to the chalkboards and to finish the weekend I completed the west side wagon and repair plates.

This completes the exterior of my container and progresses the van to the point that all that remains is to fit the side chalkboards, replace the vacuum cylinder and test the brakes.

More as always next weekend

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  1. What a difference those hours of work have made to the ‘yellow peril’ of not that long ago.


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