11/10/20 Containerised Freight Revival

With the completion of my Container last weekend we begin with a clearout. Container emptied and swept out, although there is still a few items to complete inside this can wait for a rainy day, well an even more rainy day.

Nick, Jake and Dave focused on the west side axle box inspection of 786181. Splitting the boxes and inspecting the bearing surfaces, journals and oils pads. All found to be in excellent condition. No scores or damage visible.

For this and next weekend we have planned to display the container on Madges flat trailer, this was loaded and the opportunity taken to take it for a spin around the yard.

We then parked up next to the loaded conflats bringing our three containers together fully restored for the first time.

All attention turned to completing 786181, chalk boards fitted and the replacement of the vacuum cylinder with one previously overhauled. The original piston rod was descaled and polished and a new gator fitted

The east side axle boxes were then inspected, and again, no issues apparent

I also completed the signwriting, with vacuum stars, East side wagon plate and a little note on the end chalkboards written.

Eddie was also on site and had brought us some more parcels which we loaded in to M500954

On to Sunday and a brake test of 786181. A leak or two was found and these quickly rectified.

After a few applications to exercise the brake and a leak rate test carried out the brakes were left on to determine their effectiveness, they remained on for in excess of 5 hours so deemed a success.

With the successful brake test all that is left to say is B786181 can be released to traffic. Below can be see the transformation and of cause we have branded the van with a suitable location.

Our attention then turned to B763305, this has been running around with a blue roof after its bitumastic covering wore off due to it raining soon after application. With the good weather this was reapplied.

I also did a spot of Signwriting for the Class 27. A legend for the main engine room door.

Nick brought his Mk1 Transit on site to iron out some running issues and posed with Madge and our fleet of Containers.

That wraps up another weekend, a loaded Scammell trailer and another completed van. More as ever next week.

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