18/10/20 – Medfit Loaded

This weekend begins with a quiet day on site for Nick, Eireni and Ross, joined by new volunteer, Richard. Welcome,Richard. We are currently between vehicles, having finished B786181 last weekend, so this weekend is our usual small jobs weekend, to get us ready for the next push onto something new.

They started with preparatory work to B852838. This van was genesis, the key stone for the van train way back in 2017, and it is now looking rather worse for wear. Some of the ply fitted to the van was on borrowed time, so the fact it has lasted 3 more years is a bonus. We have previously used this van as our ‘ Theatrical van’ which housed our props and parcel used for photo charters and galas, this has been moved to another van, so we could start work. We sorted items inside out and removed items that were no longer useful. we then shuffled everything around inside and removed a workbench to be able to gain access to the 3 side sheets that need attention. Eireni cut out a new chalkboard for the van, which will be painted up ready to fit.

After helping to ready the van, Ross continued working on ‘Danny’ our site dumper. We are still waiting for the steering box back, but he replaced nearly all of the grease nipples and pumped grease into the steering linkages and the pedal linkages. everything seems to be moving a lot freer now. he also manage to obtain a pan seat which is close enough to be correct. Ross painted this into primer, ready for undercoat. Richard assisted by removing the school chair from the locker box. Last job for Ross was to adjust the clutch linkage.

Nick, Richard and Eireni sited the workbench removed from B852838 and sited it outside, next to our shed. This has already come in handy, so should continue to be so!

As for me, I was working at home on another member of the fleet and the first time it has graced one of our updates, Numbered MB 2426 E and named Wilbur, this is my 1968 built Morris Commercial and carries an appropriate BR livery. A final few little niggles to sort and hopefully we shall see him at the GCR again.

On to Sunday and the odd jobs continue, Eddie beginning to scrape down Danny ready for a little more TLC.

The bench removed from the shockvan was given a new rubber top by Dave to protect the wooden surface.

The main event however was the loading of B458484 with Container B55897B.

A little careful adjustment with the Volvo and it was in. Sleepers were positioned at either end and wedges driven in to hold the container longitudinally. Blocks were also measured and trimmed to hold the Container laterally.

Although the blocks and sleepers will actually do the main task of holding the container to give the prototypical look Ross roped the container as per BR20427, Instructions for the loading and securing of containers on rail vehicles.

I did read a statement somewhere that Containers in Medfits could not be opened, this image proves that statement to be untrue. Although it would be awkward to actually do anything practically.

Finally Eddie applied the layer of undercoat to Danny’s seat.

That concludes this weeks update and I shall leave you with a few images of 3 vehicles loaded with Containers

As always, more next week.

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  1. I thought you’d take a breather after your recent exploits but great ‘packaging’.


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