01/11/20 Once more unto the breach.

Once again we face lockdown and await guidance from the GCR as to whether our activities may continue, until then……… Saturday and a split for the gang. Dave and I remained at Quorn, whilst Nick, Ross, Jake and Eireni went to Rothley.

At Quorn Dave applied undercoat to the plywood cut for the Shocvan last week.

Whilst I manufactured, primed and undercoated a 20mph speed restriction sign for my new trailer, a replacement non common user sign for the WR pattern Shocvan and a plate for the Test Cars slip lamp.

We then moved to keying my trailer ready for undercoat and applying primer to bare areas of metal.

At Rothley the task of wiring the yellow coach continued, with it being pulled through the majority of the trunking.

Eireni painted the southern vestibule with our imitation formica orange as mixed many months ago.

On to Sunday, Dave and I once again at Quorn joined by Eddie with Nick, Ross and Jake at Rothley. The wiring tasks continued with the full run for the new sockets installed.

Before Ross headed to Rothley he striped Danny of removable components that can be taken away if the inevitable happens. Eddie spent the day preparing these parts for further work.

A Rothley Nick applied the correct colours to the brake pipes on B954546 as well as top coat to the rain strips replaced in a previous update.

At Quorn I glossed the plates manufactured the previous day whilst Dave re-undercoated the van sides, there was a slight issue with that used the previous day as it would not take a gloss coat.

The undercoating continued with Dave and I applying it to my trailer.

So as I said at the beginning of this update, we will have to see what the week brings us.

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