08/11/20 – We Continue

As stated by Boris, voluntary work should continue due to both the mental well being it brings to volunteers and the crucial part they play in the survival of the organisations they volunteer for. The GCR agreed with this statement and our work continues. However just in case this was not to be Dave and I made our way to Quorn on Wednesday to add a top coat to my trailer.

With the news volunteer work could continue we began by adding gloss to the plywood for B852838.

A little later than planned but with the pressure now off we could relax knowing it wouldn’t be 4 weeks until we were back on site. We began on my trailer. It was moved into the sun to warm up and dry off.

Moved back we started the topcoating. Crimson for me and Black for Dave

On to Saturday with the main task being the replacement of some of B852838s van sides, Jake demonstrating why it has become necessary.

Nick, Ross, Jake and Dave focused on this task. Bolts and panels removed from the west side. The backs of the frames were cleaned up, rotten wood hovered up and red oxide applied.

New sides were measured and trimmed to length, these had be left slightly long to allow for any possible variation

The sides were then drilled and fitted.

I tasked Eireni with two items of signwriting, the replacement common user plate for B850498 and the maximum speed side for my trailer.

I of course continued with the painting of my trailer,

I also fitted some lighting units, which will need wiring up, as well as the number plate holder and Eireni’s signwritten 20 sign.

On to Sunday and to the East side for B852838 only one section to be replaced with Nick, Ross and Jake focussing on this. Old side out, new trimmed, red oxide to the rear of the frame, drilled and bolted up. It is of cause easier and quicker to type about what was done than to actually do it. Jake cut and primed a new chalk board and this was also fitted.

Eireni and I continued with my trailer. I applied the lettering whilst they painted the coupler.

This last push resulted in a completed trailer including 2 triangular reflectors fitted to the mud guards. Just the wiring to do at some point.

Sign writing continued on to the other two trailers, with CT 11246 E and T 86256 E receiving new fleet numbers, research has discovered Loughborough Midland Station had a trailer with the fleet number D26, those around the London terminuses began with the letter A so we have decided to place our other trailers in the D2 series numbered in the order of purchase.

Final task was to fit the replacement non common user plate to B850498

Eddie was also on site Saturday and Sunday continuing the scraping and preparation of the site dumper known as Danny
That concludes this update, and as always more next week.

2 thoughts on “08/11/20 – We Continue”

  1. Hi Matt, I really enjoy following your exploits on here, you guys produce some marvelous work.
    At the risk of being totally nerdish could I just comment on the trailer numbering system
    The eastern region of B.R. continued the system used by the L.N.E. with three ton trailer numbers being prefixed CT and six tonners HT. The D number on the headboard was, I understand, a lighting compatibility code, Axx on 3 tonners and Dxx on 6.
    And with that I’ll just get my anorak. Best regards, Peter Smeaton.


    1. Isn’t it always the way, after months of research and coming up blank to the meaning of the prefixes the answer arrives after we have settled on our own interpretation.
      Thank you for the information Paul it answers a number of questions we have had, I shall have to say we have applied our own trailer numbering system and may look at altering it when the weather turns for the better.


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