22/11/20 – Happy 18th Jake

We begin with a statement, to clarity our access to the tops of vehicles such as roofs and tanks are via prebuilt staging or scaffolding , this is positioned both sides of a vehicle therefore reducing the distance if someone were to fall, this is compliant with the Working at Height Regulations 2005 and specifically relates to Article 6 Para 5. In addition we allocate a spotter to watch personnel to ensure they do not place themselves in a position of danger. Our images do not readily show these scaffolds and platforms in place as our focus is on the vehicle its self, and usually once the work has been carried out. We are more than happy to discuss our High Level Access Arrangements and share our Risk Assessments with anyone willing to openly discuss this with us.

So, once again we begin in the week, Thursday this time as I popped in to sign write B852838, lettering was applied to both sides were required.

Once complete, I woke Madge up and added a H to my trailer thanks to information provided by Peter Smeaton.

I also took the opportunity to line the trailers up for posterity.

On to Saturday and the main task being the removal of Jack’s tank from the tankflat. This is leaving to join our good friends at Up’ an’ at ’em History. This will become part of there bespoke World War I history sessions and events.

Ross and Eireni focused on Danny. Refitting the newly refirbished steering box and reassembling the vehicle. This was to allow a test of the fully rebuilt vehicle. The first movement by it’s self for over a year.

I continued on my trailer adding a number plate light. Whilst Dave and Jake rebutuimened the deck.

Most importantly however we celebrated Jake’s 18th Birthday with a specially baked cake. Happy Birthday Jake.

Back to Rothley Sunday. I continued on A4513 applying the Shell / BP lettering as well as the south end running number.

I also tidied up the sole bar plates and applied the Vacuum release stars to B954546.

Jake tidied up and repainted the springs and axle boxes of A4513

Nick and Eddie began to prepare B439708. Begining the process of removing loose paint, rust and other detritus.

That concludes this week’s update. More as always next week.

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