06/12/20 – Hopper a little further and another Tank

Our secondment to Rothley continues, first our thanks to the guys at Rothley C&W and the Operations department, A4513 and B954546 were moved out of the shed, with the tank continuing on to Swithland and replaced with another wagon, more on that shortly but first a pair of images of our completed vehicles with thanks to Jamie Swanson.

So on to the one brought up from Swithland, apart from the 3 Rudds, our youngest wagon in the fleet, although this does mean a build date of 1965. The former china clay slurry tank number STL 51408

Before it enters the workshop, the usual green detritus was washed off.

Work on B439708 continues with the South East corner support and ladder removed, straightened and rewelded into position. The lower portion was also replaced, manufactured from two suitable L angle pieces.

Undercoat was applied to the upper surfaces red to the hopper body and deck.

White undercoat to the door hand wheel and operating handles.

The galvanised through pipe was also primed and undercoated.

On to Sunday and with brushes in hand we applied the Gloss coat to the hopper.

With a morning of painting complete we again turned to the tank. With two unserviceable buffers, South East and North West, bolts were removed with hot spanner assistance.

Once removed the area of the headstock was scraped and metal primer applied.

This allowed the replacement buffers to be fitted.

Vacuum pipes were removed and new pipes prepared.

New Vacuum dummies were also fitted to replace those missing.

It was also good to see trains return to the railway. Santa Specials and Winter Wonder Lights.

My favourite activity next weekend as the signwriting brushes are due to come out and as always we shall let you all know what we achieve.

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