13/12/20 – Tank might fly

First we begin with a little admin.
Once again our thanks go out to our freinds at Timeline events who, along with Claire from Blue Flame Glass, have chosen to support our group as well as the Buccaneer Aviation Group.

Please help support us, Claire and the Buccaneers.
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£5 from your purchase will go towards us and the Buccaneers whilst the rest will help Claire to increase the size of her premises and begin glass making workshops.

Secondly a reminder that Madge, Jake and I, along with a number of others from the GCR will be joining Rob Bell on his show Walking Britain’s Lost Railways.
This will be aired on Friday 18th December 8pm, Channel 5.

On to the update, in the week, Dick has been working on the Hopper, painting the Sole bar

Saturday and for me a full day of Sign Writing . Ably assisted by Dave and Eireni. Templates were chalked, applied, drawn and removed.

Running number, Gross weight, Tare, Wheel base and to top it off full instructions on how to open and close the hopper door applied. At the end of the day all that remained was the East Side door closing instructions and a wagon plate.

On to the Tank and the end shields, welded in position as part of its brake testing test bed days, were removed, returning the vehicle to its more traditional look.

The tank was then lifted to fully inspect the Gloucester Pedestal Suspension and ensure free and correct operation.

Opportunity was also taken to inspect the underframe and look at the brake rigging.

When the wagon returned to terra firma, suspension compression and buffer heights were measured as a base line, the wagon will be taken for a rattle down the siding during the week and the measurements then rechecked.

The inevitable scraping down of the vehicle then began, with Eddie taking the lead.

Back to the hopper and the door handwheels, down and up lock operating handles and vacuum swan necks were painted white.

On to Sunday and all hands to the Hopper. Dave and I completed the signwriting. The end of the essay and door operating wheel for me.

For Dave the final wagon plate and tidying up his efforts from Saturday, an excellent start for someone who has never signwriten before.

Nick and Jake concentrated there efforts on the underframe. Nick scraping with Jake following and applying the bitumen.

Dave and I also moved on to the underframe. First with the scraping followed by Dave assisting Jake paint the underframe.

I followed with the white undercoat applying to hand brake and axle box ends.

Dave’s last task was to clean and polish the fescalised portion of the Oleos

This moves the Hopper tantalising close to completion. B439708 has never ran on the GCR, since preservation in 2005, having played second fiddle to alot of other projects it’s time is finally upon us.

That completes our update for this week, and as always, more next week.

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