27/12/20 – Bumper Christmas Tank Wagon push.

First of all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, as it is that time of year, what better way to spend it than working on wagons!
51408 being our Christmas focus.

With B439708 now complete it was moved out of the shed on Monday.

With Nick, Ross and I, joined by Michael Sutton and Brandon Morley we continued the previous Sundays marathon scraping session.

Nick uncovered the tanks specific details. Tank number 10872 tested to a hydraulic pressure of 50lbs per square inch, tested on 09/07/1965. The remaining details ON 2552 NO1 we believe to be an order/lot number.

Monday ends with the east side striped, 3/4 of the North end and roughly 3/4 of the west side.

Tuesday and the scraping continues, Nick, Ross, Jake and I completing the West Side, North end and the south end almost complete. The top including the tank filler and breather was also attended to.

Wednesday, with Nick, Michael and I on site, and the final day of scraping, sanding and cleaning. With that complete we are ready for paint.

Thursday, or as some have come to call it Christmas Eve, again Nick, Michael and I on site applying the Etched Primer to the tank and tank mounts.

A brief respite for Christmas day and then back to the grind Saturday, sorry that’s Boxing day. The application of dark grey undercoat being the task of the day. Nick, Jake and I in attendance.

I also sign wrote a pair of OLE warning flashes for the Iron Ore hopper.

Sunday, a Full house with Nick, Ross, Jake, Dave and I in attendance joined by Michael. The aim being the application of the top coat. Gloss black being the colour of choice, we are going for a steam era livery although not prototypical for our specific vehicle it is more in keeping with our aims and that of the GCR.

The previously sign written OLE warning flashes were also fitted to the Hopper and the bolts painted white.

Finally for this bumper edition. Our next project receives a wash before it enters the shed after 51408 has left of cause.

So that completes 6 days of wagon fun and as always we shall let you know what we have been up to next week.

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